Information We Collect

Account and Transaction Related Information

Registration Information

In order to register for the Services, the Company requires that you submit certain personal information and/or information specific to your employer (this includes an e-mail address, mailing address, delivery address and certain information about your company). In addition to registration information, each account is required to have a credit card associated with it in order to charge the monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Stock, Purchase History and Related Information

eFood Junction functions as a link between Purveyors and Restaurants, as such, we collect information from both Purveyors and Restaurants to facilitate transactions. For example, a restaurant may submit order information as part of an order to a purveyor, and a purveyor may submit information in the form of inventory and stock lists.


eFood Junction uses cookies to provide functionality integral to the site. We store information relating to both your account and your session in cookies. Information in these cookies are not shared with any third parties. Additionally, eFood Junction may use cookies in connection with our web analytics provider (i.e. Google Analytics or a similar service). We do not control the cookies that our analytics provider stores on your computer.

How We Use the Information We Collect


We use both the information you provide and other information we gather to provide the services at eFood Junction, this includes account registration and renewal, the placing of orders with proprietors, order tracking, and other functionality central to the services.

Information Sharing with Third Parties

eFood Junction will not share, sell, rent, swap or authorize any third party to use any of your Account Information without your permission. eFood Junction is a conduit between Buyers and Sellers, as such, any information sellers post listing their inventory is visible to buyers, and information about a particular purchase is always shared from buyer to seller after a purchase is made.