1. Always get the best prices - if Vendors do not have competitive prices, you simply do not need to purchase their products. You can choose from a host of others
  2. Huge time-saver - no need to phone/fax/email/fumble for prices. Simply complete your online shopping list, click to search, then click to place your order
  3. Chefs focus on your kitchen, menu & quality - this is what chefs should be doing
  4. Access to all Vendors, Products & Prices - no more physical searching and time-wasting
  5. Online shopping list, accessible from anywhere in the world at the buyers' convenience not the salespersons'. Orders can be placed at 5:00am or at midnight depending on the cut-off time
  6. Create multiple, separate shopping lists for different occasions, i.e. St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Valentines' day, Mother's day, etc.
  7. History of all orders is maintained for historic references and trending
  8. Online ordering minimizes any misunderstandings, errors in deliveries and administrative tasks between Kitchens and Vendors
  9. Buyers won't deal only with their "favorite" Vendors at the expense of the Kitchen
  10. Peace of mind - can you put any price on that?


  1. Retain control of your price list - stop your competitors from bidding against your paper price list at your customers' premises
  2. Kitchens on our website will come to your doorstep based on your competitive prices, easily expanding your customer base
  3. Reports showing new Kitchens in your target area - once more, we bring business right to you
  4. Reports showing products that are currently mostly in demand
  5. Real time database updates speed up reaction to competitors
  6. Online ordering minimizes misunderstandings, errors in deliveries and administrative tasks between Kitchens and Vendors
  7. Bypass Buyers that have "favorite" Vendors
  8. Specials reach larger market at no additional cost
  9. Fresh produce specials are uploaded in real time and selling is immediate, saving on spoiled inventory
  10. Sales force is more focused

So... ask yourselves again:

What is it costing my business to NOT be at the Junction?