• Always get the best prices from vendors
  • Save time price shopping
  • Chefs focus on the kitchen, menu & quality
  • Get peace of mind - can you put any price on that?
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  • Retain control of your price list
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Welcome to eFoodJunction.com

We are the premier online platform where those in the Hospitality Industry meet and conduct mutually beneficial business.  

In a nutshell:

Vendors serious about being highly competitive upload their product range and prices to eFoodJunction.com.  Food kitchens search our database to obtain the most competitive prices for their menus and place orders with their Vendor of choice.

Whether you are a Vendor of Dairy Goods, Dry Goods, Fresh Produce, Frozen Goods, Meats, Poultry, Seafood or any other goods, your business should be registered with eFoodJunction.com. 

If your Business is a Restaurant, a Bar, Catering, Hotel kitchen, Deli, Hospital kitchen or School kitchen, you too should be registered with eFoodJunction.com.

Ask yourselves one critical question:

What is it costing my business to NOT be at the Junction?